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Music Round

Music Round - Now that's what I call Geography

Two points per track: 1: Name of the artist/band 2: Title of the song
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Geography 1

Released in January 1971, this track reached #1 in Canada, Malaysia and South Africa and was top ten in 15 territories overall

Geography 2

Released in September 1990, this one only reached top of the charts in Finland but was top ten in 12 charts around the world

Geography 3

Released in 2013, this went to #1 in Ireland and the US, #2 in the UK, Canada and Italy, and top ten in over 25 charts around the world

Geography 4

Released in April 1971, this went to #1 in the US, and #6 in the UK and Canada

Geography 5

Released in February 1992, this didn’t hit #1 anywhere, but did get into the top ten in 5 charts, including the UK and New Zealand

Geography 6

Released in October 1972, this one reached #8 in Canada and #9 in the US

Geography 7

Released in October 1990, this went to the top of the charts in Zimbabwe and Luxembourg, and got to #4 in the UK

Geography 8

Released in April 1967, this was a top 20 hit in the US. (Note: you can name either of the duetting singers)

Geography 9

Released in August 1999, reaching #10 in the UK and top 20 in Australia, Belgium & Finland

Geography 10

Released in October 1988, this one was a huge hit, reaching top 10 in at least 20 charts around the world, including #1 in Belgium, Ireland, the Netherlands and the UK

Geography 11

Released in July 1977, this track went to #6 in the US and #9 in Canada

Geography 12

Released in February 1994, this one went to #5 in Iceland, #7 in the UK and #8 in New Zealand