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Red Lion Pub Quizzes

Red Lion Pub Quiz Archive

The Red Lion Pub Quiz was restarted in November 2023 following a break due to Covid & Lockdown.  

The quiz takes place on the first Thursday of the month (usually!), from about 7:30pm. It’s very popular, so I’d recommend phoning the pub to book a table well ahead of the day. 

The Format is the same every month:

  • A table top round for quizzers to complete in their own time. This can be a picture round (identify the celebs, brands, cities, etc); or a text-based one such as name the famous ships & boats from the clues given.
  • A music round of 12 clips of about 25-30 seconds in length, where quizzers must write down both artist and song title
  • Three question rounds of 15 questions each. Quiz teams can nominate one round before the start to ‘play their joker’ and score double on that round

November 2023

Round 1 – Animal Kingdom
Round 2 – Halloween & Bonfire Night
Round 3 – Food & Drink
Picture round – Famous Faces

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